Is among the Most-Cited Statistics About Sex Work Wrong?

Is among the Most-Cited Statistics About Sex Work Wrong?

Prostitutes do not in actuality begin, on average, at age 13, and insisting they do misrepresents them.

Longtime Carol that is activist Leigh Scarlot Harlot), whom coined the expression “sex work” in 1978 Kimberly White/Reuters

If you have followed debate that is public intercourse work and trafficking in present years, no doubt you’ve seen some variation with this phrase: «the common chronilogical age of entry into prostitution is 13.»

Data have a reputation for being dull, but this 1 packs a punch. In just nine terms, it conjures up a whole story worth Dickens. Hear that statistic, and you also can not assist but imagine the faces of kiddies, as delicate and guileless as porcelain dolls; you imagine, too, driving a car on those faces, as well as the physical violence which is done for them to feed the greed and perverted desires of numbers lurking into the shadows. Those nine terms let you know that it is not tale this is the exclusion, but alternatively, the norm on the market. Someone will have to have an uncommon level of monstrousness to not feel their heart break, only a little, on hearing such cruelty described so starkly.

With the exception of a very important factor: there clearly was little basis for the declare that 13—or 12, as is often asserted—is age that many intercourse employees start involved in prostitution.