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The term of a member of NEC is 9 years; termination of membership before the end of the term, among others, in the case of completion of 70 years by a member of the Commission. In such a situation is the chairman of NEC Wojciech Hermelinski that on March 29 over 70 years. Hermelinski TK is a judge at rest, therefore, his place in the Commission must take the judge TK active or at rest appointed by the President of the Court of Julia Przylebska. Head of PMC in an interview with PAP expressed the hope that the President of the Constitutional Tribunal does not indicate the NEC judges who «sit in the places occupied TK». «If such judges have been identified, could be raised allegations of election protests,» — noted the judge Hermelinski. In his opinion, this would affect also the assessment of the work of the NEC. «Very important to me that they were the judges for which there is no doubt» — he added. With unofficial reports that the NEC Hermelinski to judge TK can join in active state — or Warcinski Michael Gregory Jedrejek. In turn, chairman of the NEC function — as learned PAP — Hermelinski can replace current member of NEC Judge Zbigniew Cieslak, who alone expressed a desire to control the Commission. «Managing PMC was an honor, especially with the participation of such persons as judges present.

Well I worked here, although I wish I will guide this year’s elections,» — he stressed Hermelinski. «NEC is distinguished judges of the vast knowledge and competence, so my departur