Police Reports Raise Questions Regarding MPD’s Tactics During Undercover Prostitution Stings

Police Reports Raise Questions Regarding MPD’s Tactics During Undercover Prostitution Stings

MPD’s Human Trafficking device does not make many individual trafficking arrests. But officers do expose their penises to intercourse employees while having them undress.

Around one out of the early morning on March 2, 2019, a Metropolitan Police Department officer arrived during the Washington Hilton hotel. He had been here to see a 23-year-old woman he’d met through ListCrawler, a webpage that advertises “female escorts and phone girls;” particularly, he had been here to arrest her. Posing as a john in a undercover sting, he went as much as the floor that is eighth came across his target within the hallway. He had a request on her: “Let me personally visit your ass. before they also got when you look at the space,” She did just just just what he asked, pulling straight down her jeans and exposing by herself.

She had a moment girl along with her, 22 years old, and then he asked their target whom she had been. She reacted it had been her sibling ; all of them went right into a accommodation together. It is all in accordance with the officer’s very own account in a Gerstein affidavit (a document police file to describe why they arrested somebody). The Gerstein claims the older girl then told him, “Let me see your cock.” He unbuttoned their jeans and pulled it out, and she grabbed their penis. Each of them then strolled up to the sleep, plus the more youthful woman went in to the restroom.

Then your officer asked his target, “How much again?”

“You desired one hour, right? It’s $300.”

“Yes, hour,” he replied, putting the cash in the sleep.

“Let me suck that cock,” she reportedly stated.

He’d another thing in your mind. “Why don’t you receive on all fours and show me that pussy and ass.”

Therefore she obliged. “You that way?” she asked him.

“i am going to spend an additional $100 if the buddy joins us and licks your pussy,” he responded.

She called younger girl over, and the officer asked her, “You’ll lick her pussy for $100?” She said, “Okay.” Then he signaled to their peers regarding the Human Trafficking Unit, and so they stormed in, arresting both ladies.