Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret

Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret

Captured literally moments before she plunged to her death below, a moving tourist caught this last photo of Heather Price Papayoti and her taxi by accident and turned it in to police (Image: Francesca Bosco)

Beyond the endless glare associated with bright neon lights and the sounds of slots, cocktail spectacles and sexy encounters, lies a much, much darker and grimmer reality in Sin City: a seldom-reported fact and one which many hotels walk out their method to keep out from the media is the specific range suicides committed in Las Vegas, often following a last week-end of debauchery and with as much tragic motivations as life itself needs to offer. These suicides are not at all times related to anything that happened in Las Vegas, brain you; but the town of Neon seems to represent to many people a place to see life off, for whatever reasons.

In reality, several studies have unearthed that nevada is the number 1 destination of choice for people to kill themselves into the U.S.

Hotels Do What They Can

Obviously, there ‘s no real way for resort hotels to stem this steady stream of everyday lives lost, as generally the deed is done from inside a college accommodation, with as many techniques used as the reasons themselves for the suicides. The one thing resort hotels can and nearly always do is make it extremely difficult to fling oneself from the resort space window, however; either making them difficul

Illegal Sweepstakes Operator Gave Money to North Carolina Politicians

Illegal Sweepstakes Operator Gave Money to North Carolina Politicians

Numerous North Carolina politicians accepted campaign contributions from illegal sweepstakes operator Chase E. Burns.

Politics could be a dirty business, but there are many places even politicians don’t want to attend get money because of their campaigns, at least not knowingly. They truly are quite few, of course, but they do exist and unlawful gambling operations are probably close to the top of this potential list.

Hundreds of Thousands in Political Contributions

That’s why a story that is recent of North Carolina has made headlines perhaps not for any such thing lawmakers there could have done but for where their campaign funds have actually come from. It is been reported that a checking account used last year to produce a total of $235,000 in campaign contributions to lots of North Carolina candidates for governmental workplace contained laundered cash funds from the criminal gambling enterprise run by the Oklahoma resident.

The donations came from Chase E. Burns, an Oklahoma man who ran sweepstakes games in states such as for instance Florida. It had been one of several records tied to his illegal businesses, for which Burns has been already been prosecuted in both Florida and Oklahoma.

In Burns pleaded no contest to two criminal counts of assisting in the operation of a lottery september. It was really a much lighter sentence than he may have received: before the plea bargaining, Burns f